What really is medical and pharmaceutical science


Voodoo Denier
Published on Jul 22, 2021
The root word pharmacy " from Medieval Latin pharmacia from Greek pharmakeia (Greek: φαρμακεία) "a medicine", which itself derives from pharmakon (φάρμακον), meaning "drug, poison, spell"
Eli lyhyesti: Rockefellerit & Co ottivat haltuun opetussuunnitelmien laatimisen lääketieteellisissä oppilaitoksissa worldwide. Poistivat sieltä ei-voittoa tuottavat luonnon omat parantavat metodit joita on käytetty vuosisatojen ajan turvallisesti ja jäljelle jäi "taito" kirjoittaa erilaisia pillerireseptejä jotka ovat pelkkää synteettistä kemikaalia loputtomine "sivuoireineen". Lääkiksessä ei opeteta edes ravintotieteitä enää. Virusteoria on rokotteiden olemassaolon ehto, ilman tätä valhetta rokotteiden käyttämiselle ei olisi mitään perusteita: https://www.bitchute.com/video/IHlLQ0pIKBlE/
Pharmaceutical drugs never cure disease – they only try to manage it by inhibiting or manipulating a function in the body that is supposed to happen naturally. In a June 2010 report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, authors said that in looking over records that spanned from 1976 to 2006 they found that out of 62 million death certificates, 25 million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors. The total number of deaths due to the American modern medical system of drugging, unnecessary surgeries, infections, medical errors, etc., is nearly 800,000 people per year! This is more than people who die from heart disease with over 600,000 deaths per year and cancer with over 500,000 deaths per year. - articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/ archive/2003/11/26/death-by-medicine-part-one.aspx

This system of administering poisonous drugs worldwide is a trillion dollar industry and the medical merchants of the earth profit greatly from it. They love the money it produces and ignore the many lives it destroys. Millions worship the system as an idol.

Poisonous drugs are NOT a cure for disease. Many who prescribe and administer pharmaceutical drugs will admit it. If drugs cured disease, why are many who are being treated for diseases prescribed to take drugs until the day they die. This does not sound like a cure but a money making hoax.

“People need to be taught that drugs do not cure disease. It is true that they sometimes afford present relief, and the patient appears to recover as the result of their use; this is because nature has sufficient vital force to expel the poison and to correct the conditions that caused the disease. Health is recovered in spite of the drug. But in most cases the drug only changes the form and location of the disease. Often the effect of the poison seems to be overcome for a time, but the results remain in the system, and work great harm at some later period. By the use of poisonous drugs, many bring upon themselves lifelong illness, and many lives are lost that might be saved by the use of natural methods of healing.” - Ellen White, Counsels on Health, p. 89


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