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Published on Jun 19, 2021
Ano Turtiainen, a member of Parliament of Finland, gave again a straight speech on 16th, June 2021 about COVID vaccine deaths and injuries. The Finnish Parliament censored his speech by turning his microphone off and other MP´s were also shouting at him and caused interference for his speech, but he just continued till the end. The faces of his audience, as seen at the end of this video, tells it all.

Thank God for MP Ano Turtiainen, who is truly representing Finnish people in our Parliament by telling the truth!

Here is his complete speech as seen on this video:

Honorable Chairman, this is a question of restructuring of our services (SOTE). But the biggest thing has not been considered in the presentation at all, and therefore I would like to say a few words about it. Because of this terrible COVID policy in Finland, including these toxic COVID injections with conditional marketing authorisations, there is a risk of a health disaster and because of this, not only SOTE, but everything has to be restructured.

Dear colleagues, this SOTE-presentation has not taken into account this extreme human experiment that is a serious threat to our nation; its results and its responsibilities. Who is responsible, who takes care and how, and where? Yeah, and who pays? [MP, Sari Sarkomaa shouts: "The state pays!"]

For the record, according to EMA, the European Medicines Agency, there are 1 354 336 people in Europe suffering from the side effects of COVID vaccines. The number of deaths from vaccines is 13 867 by 5th, June 2021. [MP, Kim Berg: "How many for COVID?"] It is estimated that in only 1-10% of cases an adverse report is been made. This would mean more than 10 million people in Europe suffer from adverse reactions and there would already be more than 100 000 dead. Dear entrepreneurs, principals, doctors and leaders, you are responsible when citizens are suffering from this human experiment of pharmaceutical companies and start seeking compensation, if you have been pressuring or instructing the public to take these experimental vaccines. [Chairman knocks] [2. Deputy Speaker, Juho Eerola: "Now, Rep. Turtiainen, back on welfare areas."] This has to do with it.

Now you know that the disadvantages of COVID vaccines outweigh the benefits. Vaccine manufacturers are not responsible for anything, because it is an experiment that people participate voluntarily. [Other MP says: Speak about SOTE?] It's understandable that you haven´t known about this because you too have been misled, but now you know your responsibilities. [Chairman knocks] [2. Deputy Speaker, Juho Eerola: "And now to the welfare areas."]

I also appeal to every citizen, every single one: please inform yourselves, do not participate in this human experiment anymore. We already have all the evidence to judge those involved and interrupt the experiment. [Intermediate shouts from the left] Traditional definition of a vaccine is where a weak or deadly virus is injected into a person, which awakens immune defenses. These experimental COVID injections are not like that. They are a lethal and crippling poison that destroys the immune system. [Intermediate screams from left — Speaker knocks] I'm in it all the time.

Why all these professors, the Nobel Prize-winning virologist, and the doctors who bring up these problems, the journalists, and the victims of these side effects are completely censored from the discussions, as you are now trying to censor me here. This should be a warning signal to everyone. Even the developer of these mRNA vaccines, Robert Malone is worried about what others are now doing with his work.

Dear citizens, COVID vaccines are completely risk-free business for the pharmaceutical companies, because of the discharge granted by the Finnish State. [MP, Merja Kyllönen shouts] THL, STM, SOTE-staff, media, and the Parliament have sadly become a marketing machine, which is brainwashed by the experimental pharmaceutical industry. In my speech last week I told you that 78 people had died from COVID vaccines in Finland, a day later the number was 85, and there are now 1 426 serious adverse reports. The total number of reports is 2 464 and 3 950 reports are still waiting to be processed.

Dear colleagues, you now have... [Speaker's microphone shuts down] (...more blood on your hands. Please, let's stop this....) needs unification and rebuilding. SOTE needs to be completely redesigned. We can´t accept a proposal whose funding is unknown. In this SOTE-plan the biggest loser is a citizen.

Dear colleagues, this house has knowingly misled the public, and this is causing enormous health sufferings to the public. Minister Kiuru and the government, when are you going to take your responsibility and resign? And now, as these emails from US COVID-Emperor Anthony Fauci have been exposing him to be a full-blown... [Speaker's microphone shuts down] (...con artist and liar). I also ask you, when the opposition in this house is starting to take its responsibility on this issue. — Thank you.

~ Finnish MP, Ano Turtiainen ~


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