Vappu 2020


Published on Dec 17, 2020
I became friends with the sun, we were dancing and I was acting like a child so he did get a little annoyed. He liked it very much when I said "Aurinko" like the husband of my mother would say. So we had excellent times! It started as I made the Sun start Vappu quicker - to come here faster, to shorten time. This is all in my Instagram, @hoblibobli, highlights. My buddyyyy! All weather events were because of this - the snow in May, later, and in the summer the super hot weeks.
I made a "deal" or more like an announcement to the Satanist holy spirits that if nobody tells me during Vappu, their time to work, if not, then I go nihilist. Which nobody did. So, as I am 100 % with all that I do, I left all hope guts of life and joy, took of my arms with a shaver just because, why not, you know, so they got so disgusted with me that they gave, noooo, it was 20-Heikki who gave it - a parasite hanging in my most priceless, with tentacles coming out! For months!


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