#91 - Ariyana Love - Patentit, Biohakkerointi, Rokotteet


Published on Dec 21, 2021
Huom. Suomenkieliset tekstitykset (In English below)
Vieraana tohtori Ariyana Love. Ariyana on naturopaatti ja toimittaja. Tässä jaksossa aloitamme kysymyksillä mitä viime jakso monessa herätti.

Onko Ariyana todella suomalainen tohtori? Miksi hän asuu Suomessa? Mikä on hänen intentionsa ja sanoma? Miksi Ariyana ei luota Israelin halllinnon johtoon? Voiko olla, että maailmassa on tällä hetkellä meneillään suunniteltu agenda? Miksi Ariyana uskoo, että biohakkerointi johtaa lopulta ihmisyyden loppumiseen? Mitä Ariyana on löytänyt tutkimalla rokote yritysten eri patentteja? Ollaanko me transhumanismin ja ihmisten patentoimisen tiellä? Mitä Ariyana kehoittaa sinua tekemään välittömästi?

Huom. Katso tämä jakso omalla vastuulla. Kaikissa terveysasioissa konsultoi aina sinun lääkärisiä ja käänny aina virallisen tiedon puoleen. Tämä niin kuin kaikki Kempen Podcastin jaksot on aina tarjottu vain ja ainoastaan viihteeksi ja informaatioksi. Kempen Podcast ja Mikko Kemppe Oy ei ota mitään vastuuta vieraittensa tai jakson tietojen paikkaansa pitävyydestä. Tee kaikki terveysvallinnat aina omalla vastuullasi. Kemppe Podcast uskoo sanan- ja mielipiteen vapauteen, tieteelliseen debaattiin ja eri näkökulmien ymmärtämiseen.

Yhteistiedot: Dr. Ariyana Love
Email: metanutrients@mailfence.com
Telegram: https://t.me/DrAriyanaLove
Blog: https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/

Jakson linkit ja lähteet ala puolella.

******** IN ENGLISH ********

Dr. Ariyana Love is a naturopathic doctor and a journalist. In this episode we start with some questions that was raised about her from the previous episode.

Is Dr. Love really a doctor from Finland or is she a controlled opposition? Why does she live in Finland? What is her purpose and message? Why she doesn’t trust the intention of Israeli state and its leadership? Is there a planned agenda that is being currently rolled out in the world? Why she thinks biohacking is ultimately leading to destruction of humanity? What has she found when studying the patents of many vaccine companies? Are we on the road to transhumanism and patented humans? What she thinks you should immediately do?

Please Note: Do watch this episode at your own risk. I am not a medical doctor. Always consult your own personal doctor or official authorities before making any decisions about your health. These episode like all of the Kemppe Podcast episodes are meant as information only and the Kemppe Podcast, Mikko Kemppe Oy doesn’t take any responsibility on the accuracy of the information presented. The Kemppe podcast believes in freedom of speech and expression, scientific debate and the idea that even challenging topics should be able to be discussed openly, honestly, and transparently. Please research each idea further and always take responsibility of any choices you may take. This episode is not meant in any kind of health or other life advice.

Contact information: Dr. Ariyana Love
Email: metanutrients@mailfence.com
Telegram: https://t.me/DrAriyanaLove
Blog: https://ambassadorlove.wordpress.com/

The links and sources:

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Hydrogel’s patent
"Because hydrogels can mimic the high water content and mechanical properties of natural tissues, they are prime candidates as carriers of bioactive agents, in bioadhesive systems, or as biorecognizable materials"

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A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Athmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?

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Notices of Liability

Entire program:
00:00 - Intro
01:00 - Who is Dr. Ariyana Love and why is she in Finland?
03:30 - Is Dr. Ariyana controlled opposition and/or paid troll?
13:00 - Are we biohacking human to become something other than human (e.g. transhuman)?
17:30 - What is Zionism? And what does Ariyana mean by it?
23:00 - Is there cloning of human being done?
26:00 - Why is Ariyana Love here in Finland for political asylum?
33:00 - How to spot controlled opposition?
37:00 - What are Dr. Ariyana’s thoughts on Front Line Doctor’s and Tribunal courts?
41:00 - What are Dr. Ariyana Love focusing at the moment?
46:00 - Is Dr. Ariyana Love just wanting to make money selling some natural products?
54:00 - Has Dr. Love found new information about the potential vaccine harms or side-effects?
56:00 - What is quantum dot technology?
1:00:00 - Can human’s be cloned from inside? Could human’s be patented?
1:06:00 - Do we still need human’s? Can AI and robotics replace human’s?
1:15:00 - What creates the variants?
1:25:00 - What does Dr. Ariyana Love suggests you to do?


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