Tamara Tuuminen - Vaccines - benefits vs. harms?, Immunity Action, Medicalisation


Published on Feb 20, 2022

Published Jan 9, 2022
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Tamara asks: Was this explained to you when you voluntarily took the shot - The effect of experimental K- spike on the immune system

Guest Tamara Tuuminen, Specialist in Clinical Microbiology and Associate Professor of Medical Microbiology.

In this episode, we start discussing a new population-based study conducted by the Swedes comparing 842,974 vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals over a period of about 9 months to see if vaccines are really effective against Covid-19 disease.

Right at the beginning of the episode, you'll hear Tamara's analysis of this study. We will then delve deeper into the workings of immunity itself. How does our immune system actually work? How do vaccines work? For example, what does the term antibody really mean? Is it possible, for example, that vaccines lead to a so-called dependency relationship? How does the human body normally react to a viral infection? What happens in the body when you take an mRNA vaccine? What is the ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) phenomenon all about? Are the potential harms of vaccines being exaggerated? What is the basis for the claim that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the harms in Tamara's opinion? What does Tamara think of the much talked about Robert Malone? What are the benefits of mRNA technology?

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"If you take vitamin D, you don't necessarily have to measure it"
- Professor of Medicine Juhani Knuuti
(At 14:00)

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Programme for the whole episode
0:00 - Intro
1:00 - What is Tamara Tuumuu's background?
5:00 - What did Swedish researchers find in a new study of more than 840,000 pairs about the effectiveness of vaccines?
11:00 - Can you ever be "fully vaccinated"?
14:00 - How would Tamara compare the coronary vaccine to the polio vaccine?
16:00 - Is it possible that taking vaccines leads to a so-called "dependency relationship"?
20:00 - How does our immune system work?
24:00 - What does the term "antibodies" mean?
30:00 - What happens when we are given a synthetic s-protein? Can s-protein produced by the body through a vaccine be more dangerous than viral s-protein?
36:00 - How do humans normally react to a viral infection? How does natural immunity work?
41:00 - What happens in the body when it receives an mRNA vaccine? Why do we need boosters? Including Tamara's hypothesis and an explanation of this.
53:00 - Pros vs. cons?
54:00 - Who is more likely to mutate in the vaccinated or unvaccinated?
56:00 - How does the so-called antibiotic resistance phenomenon arise? Can the same thing happen with vaccines and variants?
59:00 - What is the ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) phenomenon?
1:01:00 - Can the ADE phenomenon explain why vaccinated people get more sick?
1:07:00 - How does Tamara compare mRNA vaccines and conventional vaccines?
1:16:00 - Are the potential harms of vaccines being exaggerated?
1:18:00 - What is the basis for the claim that the benefits of vaccines outweigh the harms?
1:29:00 - What does Tamara think of Robert Malone who is being talked about as one of the developers of mRNA technology?
1:31:00 - What are the benefits of mRNA technology? What was the technology developed for and why?
1:34:00 - What kind of world do you want to leave your children?
1:36:00 - What solutions does Tamara see for you right now? For example, is it worth measuring my D-vitamin levels?


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