71# - Dr. Wilson - Vaccination, Science Communication, Back to Normal -


Published on Oct 13, 2021
Guest this time a molecular biologist Dr. Wilson. In this episode we covered many different questions starting with should children from 12 - 15 year old be vaccinated? Is the risk of getting myocarditis from a vaccine relevant? Can vaccines have long term side-effects? Can vaccines cause autism? Did Dr. Fauci fund Gain of Function research in Wuhan? Why no-one has claimed the 1,000,000 USD price one for isolating the virus? Did Robert Malone invent the mRNA technology? What does Dr. Wilson think about Joe Rogan’s protocol for covering from Cvid? And from a scientist perspective what does Dr. Wilson think would be the best road to getting “back to normal”?

For more Dr. Wilson’s videos you can visit him at his YouTube channel:
Debunk the Funk with Dr. Wilson:

Later addition to the discussion by Dr. Wilson:
“Turns out the data show that a booster shot using the same Covid vaccine that has been used gives a robust immune response against all kinds of spike protein variants and no switch to delta-specific vaccine is necessary.”

The entire program of this episode:
1:00 - Who is Dr. Wilson?
3:30 -Should children from 12 - 15 years old be vaccinated?
9:00 - Is it possible to stop the trasmission completely?
10:30 - Is the risk of getting a myocarditis from a vaccine relevant?
15:00 - Can vaccines have long term side-effects?
21:00 - Can vaccines cause asthma, allergies, or neurodegenerative diseases?
25:00 - Can vaccines cause autism?
33:00 - Has there been a rise of asthma in the recent decades?
35:30 - Did the virus leaked from the lab?
45:00 - Did Fauci fund Gain oF Function research in Wuhan?
54:00 - Does virus patents prove that the pandemia has been planned all along?
57:00 - Has the virus been isolated?
1:04:00 - Why no one has claimed the 1,000,000 USD price money for isolating the virus?
1:08:00 - How does mRna technology work? What happened with the animal trials?
1:17:00 - Did Robert Malone invent mRNA technology?
1:23:00 - Does unvaccinated people who get corona receive 13 times more robust immune response?
1:30:00 - Does cover vaccine prevent the infection?
1:31:00 - What does Dr. Wilson think Joe Rogan’s protocol for curing cover?
1:38:00. - How do we get back to “normal”? Does lockdown’s work? How many doses it will take?


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