GALEN WINSOR - What stopped plutonium economy


Published on May 11, 2021
Galen Winsor - The Grand Nuclear Hoax [This video was made in 1985 and recently digitized and posted online by Liberty in Our Time. Winsor died in his eighties, of natural causes, in 2008. Video transcribed by Kristen Judd and Jane Orient in May 2014.] I am pleased to have as our guest Mr. Galen Winsor from Richland, Washington. I first heard of Galen from a tape that somebody gave to me some months ago, and I found his story to be absolutely fascinating. His story is unique, to say the least. Galen has been in 77 different cities in the last two years lecturing on the subject of nuclear energy. The majority of his life, the last 35 years, he spent processing plutonium from nuclear reactor sites. He has worked in the Manhattan Project facilities in Hanford, Washington; Oak Ridge National Laboratories and Nuclear Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee; General Electric’s Midwest Fuel Recovery Plant in Morris, Illinois; General Electric’s Fuel Fabrication Facility in San Jose, California and Wilmington, North Carolina; and he has worked in every major reactor decommissioning project around this nation up to this present time. His major work in these projects has been in the analytical process inventory control, which means that he was responsible for the measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory for these projects. Galen Winsor has few peers in the world in this area of expertise, and those few peers admittedly know and agree with the things that you’ll be hearing on this tape; however, except for two or three of these experts, they have all chosen to remain silent for reasons which only they know, leaving this man then the burden of leading this lonely battle of exposing what we call The Nuclear Scare Scam. He is without question one of the world’s foremost authorities in nuclear radiation measurement, and he is recognized by members of the Atomic Energy Commissions of all the major nations of the free world. Mr. Galen Winsor.


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