Jees, Us (!!!) butt only fits one, who to tell rest of U?


Published on Dec 16, 2020
He took too long time - on day 4 i fell in love with a carpenter, and Tuesday (flying to De Medici) was after day 4 (stayed with Eugen: a guy whos relative some stories tell my some dad was fighting the way til my brother's baptism to name Bro after).
In this video: escape semi plan from the bin. Went with mom, bought 11 shirts and shorts from secondhand and planned to run towards the airport. Anche no.
When he showed his interest I was with a Swede, I immediately told him that I wanted a break to see which loves me more. This the Swede could not take. A real man (or woman) should not be scared of competition! Never close your eyes, I'd say. The reason I am always so madly in love is that I know I am with who I most want to be with in the world.
One day I told Eugen, that I would not change him for anyone - not even Snoop. He shoke. So I told him this again when we woke up.
It feels like all these Satans and happenings came to test that. BUTT. Eugen's friend... Only him. Who very much could be a successful 666 in Jessing Jes-US.
If you are so strong that you are above competition you can do whatever you want! So if he makes you sure of that, you can treat him +++, too.

Video from the book Infinitely Named.
Part: 3
Page: XXX
Entry: 3243


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