Has DR. ANDREAS NOACK been killed after publishing his findings about the vaccines?


Published on Nov 29, 2021
However, there was no physical assault (this video kind of made it sound like there was). Let's keep in mind that she was quite confused. She might have felt that the death had been caused by some means, which is quite possible. It appears Dr. Noack had "breathing difficulty" after making the graphene hydroxide video and died not long after. Details still scarce. A note about the "police assault" video that circulates - that is from 2020 and NOT related to his death. There was no police action prior to (or during) his death. Dr. Noack seems to have died of some sort of respiratory incident. Of course it's not a guarantee that foul play was not at work.
Latest update https://tokentube.net/v/3591942516/DR--ANDREAS-NOACK--R-I-P---WHISTLEBLOWER-HERO---DEATH-CIRCUMSTANCES-Update-by-his-girlfriend-ANNA
Quick update: https://tokentube.net/v/2658204229/Quick-update-on-DR--ANDREAS-NOACK--probable-cause-of-death-
Dr. Noack's findings about the vaccines: https://tokentube.net/v/1093986853/GRAPHENE--RAZOR-BLADES--FOUND-IN-THE-COVID-VACCINES---DR--ANDREAS-NOACK


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