A man who loves his own country


Published on Mar 12, 2021
Trump loves his country
President Donald Trump made it clear in his TV broadcast on Oct. 21 that he was willing to host the G-7 meeting at no cost to us, the taxpayers, saving our country billions of dollars.
However, he was forced by opposition to change his plans to have this meeting at his resort in Florida to another location to be paid for with our tax dollars.
If a president saves the country big money, improves the economy, restores our leadership in foreign policy and upholds the sanctity of life among the helpless unborn, he is to be praised and encouraged — not impeached.
His personality traits may not be to your liking, but Trump’s love for his country is at the heart of his decisions both at home and abroad.
“By their fruits you shall know them.”
Victoria R. Laux, Ventura


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