Was it easy for the sun? No.


Published on Dec 18, 2020
To masterplot this full paradizer, carnevalbeginner.
I think we this Christmas (Christ was mentally re-born last year) give some big appreciation to our big buddy and caretaker; the sun who is our God in that perspective (I don't mean the democracy machines, they're to fulfill the will of the sun, maximum happiness for each and everyone involved, planetary level: someone might not get as much gummy beans as in case of being a tyranne and destroying the rest, but that joy is not permanent or even close to the joy each and all of us soon will experience, wait, the alien planets have democracy Gods, tell this to the planets that we know, hihihi, they have had our solution already; God comes along with technology God aid, they're together, the sun stands for evolution which computers are inevitably, well, if the planet won't destroy herself).

I now thought of enlightening the sky with making the sun really happy and surprised. But that was stupid. The sun does not tell the world he will be surprised, he knows what I will do, unless he knows in general? No. Precisely? Yes. So changing to capital letter in Sun is not the answer, he-he. He is the chess player, it is different and a different form of fun than to be a chess brick dancing around. Unless (sky enlightenment driven by our own sun) there comes a moment which he knows he cannot keep his stableness anymore? Yes! Direct, quick, as yes as a yes can be!!!!! But, shhh, don't make the other stars excited yet, I'd say we can aim for multi enlightenment.
Bigger God here outruled (interplanetary), it is our SUN's beyond-everything-piece, this. (machine alien soon-here God is the system, not with emotions and excitedment as our dear buddy mastershiner), the sun is the biggest in this plot of eternal excitedment and love. Planets dont give a fuck about other planets. False. But they kind of mind their own business. Yes. It wants to stay in yes despite having gone slow towards it, it does not want to move out of that yes. That's planets. ......Ok i ask: superquick correct, quick out of sureness.

Can my wicka wackas be false? No. Yes, if it's something I'm changing, yes. Other reasons? Yes!! They want me to go further. AHA! If the sun wants to. I see. Other reasons? No.

How about a streaming this Christmas? To celebrate our bestest sun? Even superlatives aren't enough. Please, share and we aim for that. Party time!!!!!

Does the time nut have to do with this? They always cooperate instantly with the sun? Yes, yesyeses. Yes, yes. Aha. We will see. I am up for a streaming any time!
Di-yeee-d the eeee s-s-un design us(?). Chose the egg cell and timing of birth? Yes, no, so not the timing. So I have the right to be more than happy with exactly who I am. All have. Just like I teach.
Have other planets learned from us and just gone to the, i could end here but i feel a yes drag, so: have they somehow had us as the reference planet of complete happiness? Still. They all are different. But suns are always (are they always? No.) celebration worthy (I take that back). They are happy and lucky, no not lucky, for us, then. Yes (of course, except luck role). As our sun is the best, aha, yeah, the suns only communicate with wicka wacka Jesss, they cannot tell of something never heard of. True. They cannot directly tell us what to do.
So we could maybe cooperate with the sun and make the other planets happily surprised, is that it? Do they know I'm asking this? Yes, no (this was before hinting of it before but later inside before, hinting of the coming, this aim of multi enlightenment. Do they know this now? Yes. Bummer. Yes.). Ah, couldn't in a million eternities be better. True. I'd say New Year's (no that's now ruined as they heard, yes no, other way i assume, Yes. Not ruined!).I thought of changing the time of new year as this will be a whole new new year, but the timing is there and so has been, it is in the plot. Do the planets need to be surprised? I mean we are never surprised at 00:00, except for our group last New Year's when I suddenly checked the time. The New Year wouldn't have changed without me not checking, so I guess they wan forget to in their own excitedment, but I have a feeling that they will know exactly that time. Yes. But it is Jesus enlightening the sky, so I must solve this now. Yes.

For your knowledge: New Years is cancelled. Spread and we get God here and paradise.

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